MOMS CLub of Weatherby-Logan

The MOMS Club (MOMS Offering Moms Support) is an international non-profit organization aimed at providing support for mothers who stay home or work part time.

MOMS Club LogoDon't be a stay-at-home mom who always stays home!

With the MOMS Club, you will have enriching activities for you and your children, during the day, when you need the most support. The MOMS Club of Weatherby-Logan, NJ offers you the opportunity to participate in activities like: playgroups, park days, holiday parties, craft days, trips to the museum and zoo, MOMS Night Out, and community service projects.

What area does the MOMS Club of Weatherby-Logan, NJ serve?

Our area covers:

  • Weatherby in Woolwich Township
  • Logan Township
  • Lexington Hill in Woolwich Township
  • High Hill Estates in Woolwich Township
  • Westbrook at Weatherby in Woolwich Township